Managing your wealth

Spend it

Portfolios for income

Looking for a flexible source of sustainable cash flow from your investments? Meet with us to discuss different options to generate tax efficient income based on your investment profile and income needs.

Automatic withdrawals

Would you like the freedom of having regular deposits into your bank account month to month? Whether you're at home or away, you can arrange to have transfers from your portfolio directly into your bank account.

Wealth/Line credit

Are you looking to access your wealth to make a major purchase or take advantage of an investment opportunity?

Rather than selling investments in your portfolio and potentially disrupting your long-term investment goals, you can borrow money for your personal needs against assets that you already own.

For example, you can use a wealth credit line to purchase a vacation home, property in another country, pay college tuition, add to wine or art collections, or acquire a boat or aircraft.


RBC Private Banking

RBC Private Banking is a unique banking and credit service offering personalized attention to help you meet your day to day financial needs.

You receive a tailored banking and credit package to complement the best-in-class investment management and wealth planning from Chrenek Dion & Associates of RBC Dominion Securities.

You benefit from the personal attention of a dedicated Private Banking Advisor– an experienced banking professional who acts as a member of your Chrenek Dion & Associates of RBC Dominion Securities wealth management team.

In addition, Chrenek Dion & Associates of RBC Dominion Securities and your Private Banking Advisor will work together to help ensure your investment, wealth management, banking, and credit needs are smoothly integrated.

We act as your financial partner helping to manage all of your cash flow and complex credit requirements while you’re busy living your life. By streamlining your financial affairs, we enable you to take more control of your financial future.

High Net Worth individuals and their families face complicated financial decisions and require sophisticated advice and solutions. RBC Private Banking provides the advantage of being able to draw upon the full resources of RBC to create both a comprehensive and an individually tailored private banking experience.

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