Managing your wealth

Pass it on

From yesterday to today to tomorrow, your wealth tells a personal story. A well-organized estate will make it easier for your family to cope during a difficult time.

Estate and legacy planning

Chrenek Dion & Associates of RBC Dominion Securities will work with you to create an estate plan that addresses issues such as:

Helping you plan for your needs due to critical illness, disability, or aging and help you protect your wealth for your estate. We can provide access to strategies to help you get the care you need while helping to protect your family’s legacy.

Do you need a power of attorney? Our estate planning professionals can provide the answers, support and guidance you need.

  • We can help make the process easier if you’ve been named an executor for a loved one’s estate with executor services tailored to your situation.
  • We can help you transfer wealth to the next generation, while preserving the after-tax value of your estate.
  • We can help you support causes important to you, while reducing the impact of taxes with charitable giving strategies.


We will collaborate with your legal advisors and connect them with RBC Estate & Trust Services. Our Estate and Trust Services team is comprised of specialized experienced professionals including legal counsel, accountants and other specialists with years of estate and trust experience.


Charitable giving

The Charitable Gift Program could be ideal if you;

  • Need a charitable giving solution that allows you to make a lasting gift, but you prefer to be free of all administrative obligations.
  • Want to be able to recommend which charities receive grants.
  • Want to take advantage of the tax benefits of a charitable gift fund, including the ability to donate appreciated securities such as shares without paying capital gains tax.

Trust solutions

Setting up a trust can play an important role in estate planning. It allows you to transfer assets to an individual or charitable organization and maintain control over how the assets are used. The assets are held by a third party, the trustee.

Setting up a trust can also be an effective way for providing income for yourself and future generations, while reducing taxes, costs and delays when it comes to distributing the assets to your beneficiaries.

Whether you’re establishing a trust for yourself or have been named a trustee, we can help protect the interests and requirements of the trust through our experience and expertise in all aspects of trust management.

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