Possible Increase to the Capital Gains Inclusion Rate

Dec 30, 2019 |Cairy Holtby
Happy New Year! Following the recent federal election, the Liberal Party formed a minority government and have proposed a possible increase to the capital gains inclusion rate. We wanted to share an article from RBC Wealth Management that highlights the...
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Low rates and easy central bank policy: A solution turning into a problem?

Dec 17, 2019 |RBC Wealth Management

As central banks turn to the well-worn easy money policy playbook, we ponder the limits to these policies and whether they may cause future problems.

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December Newsletter

Dec 03, 2019 |Cairy Holtby
December 2019 We wish you all the best of the Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! Cairy and Richard are in the midst of their new home build on the Westside. Once they get settled, they will hopefully find some sunshine in the beginning of 2020 with...
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