December Newsletter

Dec 03, 2019 | Cairy Holtby


December 2019

We wish you all the best of the Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Cairy and Richard are in the midst of their new home build on the Westside. Once they get settled, they will hopefully find some sunshine in the beginning of 2020 with a last minute holiday. They are also waiting for their newest grandbaby, due very soon in mid-December. They also have two other grandbabies that live in Denmark, but they will stay overseas for the holidays because this time around the school break is shorter, leaving less time to come back to Canada. Cairy’s Mom & Dad are on their 80th birthday celebration cruise through Asia, and have been giving her updates when they can, and they are really enjoying their trip.

Natel and her family recently returned from a week in Hawaii. She won the trip through a charity raffle, and they had an amazing time on the Big Island. They are now back home getting ready for the holidays, and her son Madden is settling in to his first year of high school at Mount Boucherie and swimming with his club Kelowna Aquajets.

The holiday season means its family time at Jones’ house. The kids are looking forward to the winter break from school and are anticipating the arrival of Santa. They are looking forward to getting up to Big White for some skiing and hot chocolate.

Denise has been active with branch activities, trying out a spin class at Pace Spin Studio and creating a Grinch Christmas Tree during a craft lesson. She is looking forward to visiting with her family and friends on Vancouver Island the first week of December for a week of holidays.

We are looking forward to spreading some holiday cheer by volunteering at the
Central Okanagan Community Food Bank on December 11th.

Office Holiday Hours

Tuesday, Dec 24th Christmas Eve: 8am – 1pm

Wednesday, Dec 25th Christmas Day: Closed

Thursday, Dec 26th Boxing Day: Closed

Friday, Dec 27th: 8am – 1pm

Tuesday, Dec 31st New Year’s Eve: 8am – 1pm

Wednesday, Jan 1st New Years Day: Closed

Capital Gains/Loss Reporting 2019:

We would like to remind you we offer a realized capital gain/loss report to help you (and your accountant) prepare for your 2019 filing. It may prompt a discussion if there should be any tax-loss selling before 2020, so please touch base with us for your personal report.

RSP / TFSA Deadline 2019:

The RRSP contribution deadline for the 2019 tax year is Sunday March 1st. If you plan on making an online RRSP contribution, online payments take two business days to process, and will need to be sent by February 27 (during business hours) in order to be received for the March 1 deadline. The annual contribution limit this year is $26,500.

TFSA contributions amounts are $6,000 in 2019 with the total maximum contribution limit of $63,500. Contribution room will be increase again by $6,000 in 2020 increasing the maximum contribution amount to $69,500. Check your TFSA room through your personal profile with CRA.

RBC Global Connect

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With RBC Global Connect, you will have insight and the ability to explore new markets, engage in business, and manage trade operations. Follow the link below to find out more.

RBC Royal Trust

Planning to protect your estate and your loved ones, now and for the future.

Although planning for our own incapacity and for what happens after we die is a difficult topic for most of us, taking the time to make an informed decision can help protect ourselves, our property, and the people we care for. This is why we are excited to share this new four-part video education series that describes ways to safeguard your estate today and for the future by David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber.

Watch the videos now:

The Wealthy Barber has a power of attorney. Do you?

You've been named as an executor of a Will? The Wealthy Barber says, “Get help!”

What is a trust? The Wealthy Barber explains

The Wealthy Barber: Get an up-to-date Will!

Global Insight 2020 Outlook

RBC Wealth Management has launched the Global Insight 2020 Outlook, which showcases unique perspectives on issues and opportunities that could define the year ahead.

2020 Investment Stance

Our constructive view on financial markets runs parallel to a continued need for vigilance.

Eyes wide open

We see higher ground for equities in 2020. We are also more cautious than at any time in the past decade.

Upside down: The impact of negative yields

How might the persistence of negative rates change investor behavior and risk exposure?

The low rates puzzle: Is the solution to the last problem the source of the next?

Are low interest rates and accommodative central bank policy sowing the seeds of future problems?

A New Industrial Revolution

A new dawn is transforming the investment outlook for the Industrials sector.