Simplify Your Financial Life - The Case for Consolidation

Oct 16, 2019 |Cairy Holtby
Diversification is one of the golden rules of investing to reduce risk and boost your return potential over time. Investor surveys indicate that wealthy investors open multiple accounts of the same type, with different financial institutions and different...
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Special Report - Unfriendly trade winds? Putting the selloff in perspective

Aug 06, 2019 |Cairy Holtby

Markets swooned worldwide amid a reignition of U.S.-China trade tensions and a sinking Chinese yuan.

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2019 Federal Budget: Key Tax Measures

Mar 20, 2019 |Cairy Holtby
RBC Wealth Management Services was granted access to the Federal Budget lock-up in Ottawa on March 19, 2019. As a result, we are happy to provide you with the highlights of the key tax measures that are of most interest to Canadian investors. For more...
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Does the “late cycle” of the U.S. economy have an expiration date?

Sep 17, 2018 |Cairy Holtby
While the U.S. economic expansion is old, it isn’t creaky, and time hasn’t run out on the expansion just yet. The U.S. economy is now in its tenth year of expansion and, at 36 quarters, is within two quarters of being the second-longest on record. “Late...
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June Newsletter

Jun 01, 2018 |Cairy Holtby
June 2018 Here in the Okanagan, the weather has turned and it feels like summer has arrived early! As the true summer months approach and tax season behind us, our business practice tends to have a slower pace as most people are enjoying their holiday...
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