Tax Planning

Ensuring you have a careful tax-planning strategy in place to preserve or grow the wealth you have accumulated while minimizing your family’s tax burden.

In today’s complex tax environment, it is becoming increasingly challenging and costly to not only remain compliant with ever-changing tax legislation but also to minimize your family’s tax obligation. Inadequate tax planning or improper handling of tax issues can result in major financial consequences.

Our team includes a Chartered Professional Accountant that can leverage tax expertise and experience to work with you and your existing advisors to introduce tax planning strategies and structures to minimize the family’s tax burden, including:

- Tax efficient investing

- Income splitting strategies

- Retirement income planning

- Business owner succession planning

- Charitable giving

We explore a range of strategies to accommodate the issues that your face and integrate them into a wealth plan so that you can be confident that tax won’t stand in the way of your goals and plans for the future.