Our Wealth Management Philosophy

The process to achieve wealth is quite simple, however, it certainly is not easy.

It requires faith in principles, patience and discipline, and a goal-focused approach, regardless of what the markets do. Therefore, wealth management goes beyond investment advice and money management to address a wide range of issues related to both your financial and life goals.

We follow a consistent and continuous four-step wealth management approach:

It starts with you and understanding your current financial situation, portfolio, and investments.

Build individually tailored wealth management plan to establish roadmap to success.

Implement wealth plan recommendations that align with and support your strategy.

Continually monitor and track your progress to ensure that you stay on course.

Establish your needs, investment and wealth management goals, and potential obstacles.

Craft personalized portfolios with appropriate asset allocation to meet your particular objectives.

Introduce, as appropriate, a full suite of complementary services from our RBC partners.

Inform you, your accountant, lawyer and other professional advisors of relevant matters.

Assess your tolerance for risk and comfort with market fluctuations.

Stress test the plan and portfolio to give you comfort and peace of mind.

Collaborate with your existing professional advisors.

Help you navigate and simplify your complex financial affairs.

We’re committed to being there to guide you through each life stage, helping you understand the issues and concerns you face - and the opportunities that you have, to provide you with comfort, clarity in direction, and confidence to live life the way you want.