Brett Watson of Brett Watson Wealth Management Group is an accredited Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor and an active member of the Responsible Investors Association of Canada (RIA).

Why Socially Responsible Investing?

Align financial goals with personal values – Socially responsible investing (SRI) incorporates factors relating to environmental sustainability, social accountability and responsible corporate governance (ESG) together with traditional investment analysis.

A growing trend – An important factor in the growth of SRI has been the increased requirement for pension funds to declare their responsible investment interests. Today in Canada, one out of every five dollars under professional management was reported to be in socially responsible forms of investment.

The way of the future – Research suggests many institutional managers believe that companies adhering to effective ESG standards are likely to be more successfully managed and in a position to deliver more sustainable growth over time.

RBC Vision Funds

RBC offers a number of socially responsible investment funds called RBC Vision Funds.

RBC Vision Funds are designed to meet the needs of investors who:

  • Believe that social responsibility should be a primary consideration in making investment decisions.
  • Want to invest in companies with attractive ESG practices.
  • Want to invest all, or a portion of, their portfolio in a socially responsible investment solution.
  • Want to benefit from the investment expertise of RBC Global Asset Management, one of Canada's leading investment managers.

How Can We Help?

Personalized Portfolio - We are able to open a special type of investment account designed to offer you a portfolio approach to investing and the simplicity of paying one annual, asset-based fee. With an Advisor Account, you have access to a complete range of investment choices and financial planning services. Working with us, you can plan, implement and make adjustments to your portfolio as needed—without paying additional transaction fees.

Key features and benefits of the Advisor Account:

  • Make or approve all investment decisions, while receiving professional investment advice and recommendations
  • Adjust your portfolio to meet changing market conditions and personal circumstances, without paying additional fees and charges
  • Receive expert portfolio planning and implementation services
  • Access timely market updates and top-ranked research, as well as convenient portfolio evaluation and monitoring tools online
  • Receive comprehensive quarterly and monthly reports summarizing all portfolio activity
  • Enjoy premium interest rates on a wide array of interest-bearing securities, commission-free mutual funds and exclusive access to low-cost mutual funds