The RBC Foundation provides donations exclusively from RBC’s annual earnings, not from third-party or client donations. The RBC Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity and focuses on preparing youth for the future of work, protecting the environment, and helping emerging artists thrive. In 2018, we contributed over $100.7 million globally to more than 6,700 community and charitable organizations, and provided numerous programs to help our employees become better citizens.

RBC Future Launch is a 10-year $500 million commitment to help Canadian youth prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. We are moving beyond financial investment by engaging the public and private sectors to further understand the issue and make a significant impact on the lives of young Canadians.

RBC Future Launch is a catalyst for change-bringing people together to co-create solutions so young people are better prepared for the future of work.

Young people today are faced with three critical barriers they need to overcome to be successful:

  • The lack of relevant experience will be addressed by giving young people equitable access to quality work-integrated learning experiences, to not only prepare them for the realities of the workplace, but also give them valuable resume building opportunities to meet the needs of employers.
  • The skills gap will be addressed by ensuring that young people are future-ready by providing equitable access to 21st century skills.
  • The lack of professional networks and mentoring will be addressed by harnessing vast knowledge and goodwill of Canadians to guide young people to the opportunities that exist, and will exist, across Canada. We want to provide them with career development support, advice, and networks critical to gaining employment.

Some of the not-for-profit organizations that we proudly support: