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Together, you and your Investment Advisor are planning your financial future. Through DS Online, you can keep track of the progress you are making towards achieving your financial goals at your convenience.

Connect to DS Online

• Secure online account access backed by state-of-the-art technology and the RBC Dominion Securities 100% Online Security Guarantee†  
• Ability to send and receive secure messages to and from your Investment Advisor.
• Convenient consolidated view of all your account balances, individual holdings, current 
market value, recent transactions and order status
• Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any internet-enabled device
• Official documents available in electronic PDF format, instead of paper documents sent by post
• Access to official eDocuments, such as statements, annual reports, tax documents, trade confirmations and other regulatory documents back up to seven years
• Ability to connect DS Online with RBC Online Banking and other RBC online services so you don’t have to log in separately
• Real-time fund transfers into your RBC Dominion Securities accounts from your RBC bank accounts.
• Information services, including real-time quotes, market news, customized Watchlists, as well as RBC global market and economic reports
• Dedicated DS Online Help Desk to help answer any questions

Take the next step 

Enrol online

With your RBC client card number in hand, go to and click on the “Sign In” link. Then click on the link next to “First Time Sign In.”

To set up online access, you will need to have access your: 
• Postal code
• Date of birth
• RBC DS account number 
• RBC Dominion Securities  client card number/PCD number (please contact your Investment Advisor for this client-unique number) 
The link will walk you through a few easy steps to enrol online.  

Enrol with your Investment Advisor


Your Investment Advisor is also able to help set up DS Online access.

† With the 100% DS Online Security Guarantee, we guarantee that you will not lose money due to fraud in your RBC Dominion Securities account when using DS Online. And, in the highly unlikely event a transaction occurs in any of your other RBC accounts due to unauthorized access to DS Online, you will be reimbursed 100% for any losses in those accounts directly resulting from the unauthorized access, subject to certain conditions. For a definition of an “unauthorized transaction” and for full details regarding the protections and limitations of the DS Online 100% Security Guarantee, please see your RBC Automated Services Agreement.

Sign into DS Online

To learn more about DS Online or eDocuments, please contact us.

View your documents electronically with eDocuments


Go paperless with eDocuments to reduce your paperwork, while helping us reduce our impact on the environment.


With eDocuments, you can securely view your RBC Dominion Securities account documents (such as statements, confirmations and prospectuses) in Adobe PDF format from the convenience of your personal computer. By choosing eDocuments, you have less paperwork to file or shred, saving you time and helping to protect the environment. Plus, you can quickly access a seven-year archive of your account statements.


The choice is yours

You can choose either eDocuments or regular paper documents – it's up to you. If you want to switch to eDocuments, follow the easy steps below. If you'd rather receive paper documents instead, do nothing – they will continue to come in the mail as before.


Accessing your eDocuments

  • To add eDocuments to personal accounts: simply call us and we'll change your accounts over the phone and set you up for DS Online if required. Otherwise, please click here and follow the steps.
  • To add eDocuments to business and corporate accounts: get in touch with us first to complete a consent form, then you can follow the same steps as personal accounts.

To learn more about eDocuments or DS Online, please contact us.

Helping you prepare your tax return

A guide designed to help you and your tax advisor prepare your tax return as related to your investments with RBC Dominion Securities. View the Tax Reporting Guide now.

The Tax Reporting Guide features:

  • Tax mailing dates

    Mailing dates for RBC Dominion Securities tax packages.

  • Tax information checklist

    A useful reference outlining all the Canadian and U.S. tax information slips and supporting documents you may receive from RBC Dominion Securities, including descriptions of how to use them.

Your account statement


You will receive an account statement every quarter, or monthly when there is activity in the account. In addition, you will also receive a quarterly portfolio review statement, which shows how the value of your portfolio has changed over various time periods. 


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