Specialized Advice for Athletes & Entertainers


Early mornings, long days, practice, training, and unwavering commitment. You’re no stranger to what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive world of professional sports or entertainment. Like you, we’re familiar with these same principles and apply them in our professional wealth management practice every day.


Just like a great coach can make a profound difference in your performance, a great team of professionals can make a big impact in your financial life. With cross-border capability, advanced credentials, and over 65 years of combined experience, Bosak Wealth Management is ready to support your professional growth and legacy to ensure you live well and with confidence.


We recognize that professional athletes and entertainers face some unique financial challenges and opportunities:


  • Complex taxation
  • Peak earnings early in your career
  • Unexpected relocation to new countries or cities
  • Seasonal income
  • Unpredictable career length
  • Limited time to tend to financial affairs
  • Building a lasting brand
  • Transitioning to new careers
  • Managing philanthropic ventures


Our team has the dedication, expertise, and network to enable you to keep your focus where it matters most. By understanding your goals, lifestyle, expenses, and career stage, we design a custom-tailored approach that will empower you to pursue your career with the confidence that your financial affairs are structured to accommodate your needs today and long into the future.


If you or your agent are ready to learn more, reach out to us today.