Specialized Advice for Farmers & Agri-Business


We know that farming and agriculture present some unique financial complexities. Protecting your farm’s prosperity when faced with inflation, labour challenges, complicated tax regimes, and uncertain economic times can appear to be an overwhelming proposition.


Do you wonder about how to adequately plan for retirement, transfer the farm to your family or sell it, protect your livelihood, and maintain your sanity? What about the tax implications? Should you incorporate? How does a family trust work? How can you grow family wealth and your business at the same time?


Based in the agriculturally rich Niagara region, our team works with farmers and agri-businesses to answer these burning questions. We design customized comprehensive financial and investment plans that address your needs now and long into the future: balancing risk, security, and evolving global opportunities to optimize your net worth. We collaborate with professionals in your network and leverage RBC’s vast resources to cultivate a unique approach for your farm backed by proven results.


Reach out today to learn how our team can help give you the freedom you need to focus on what matters most.