Wealth Management: Why, Who, When?


Our team is proud to serve a diverse group of clients and their families, from a wide variety of backgrounds, careers, and ages. Determining what wealth management exactly is, and whether you and your family can benefit from it, is not as complicated as you might think. The financial services industry is filled with different terminologies: financial advisor, investment manager, private banker, relationship manager – often used interchangeably, but not interchangeable in terms of the depth of service they can provide. A wealth management team encapsulates all those roles. We are the conductors of the orchestra, including the planning of what comes next, and the thought process around all your priorities as an individual or family. For most high-net-worth individuals – whether business owners, busy executives, or parents juggling family life – there is value in sitting down with us.


When is the right time to hire a wealth manager?


Life is full of milestones and transitionary moments, and those pivots and changes tend to raise questions about where you're at in your life. Every stage of life's journey comes with a linked financial event that you could see as the trigger to engage with a wealth manager. Starting a new job, buying property, building or selling a business, transitioning wealth to children or grandchildren, and succession planning are all excellent examples of life changes that could prompt this need. Other triggers might be harder to plan for, such as a sudden move across a border for work or a death in the family. All these things are likely to prompt questions surrounding wealth. You may already have a relationship established with a financial advisor, an accountant, or lawyer. When managing finances grows beyond your current team's capabilities, it's time to consider talking to someone who can coordinate and meet all those needs. When you have important questions and need precise and accurate advice, you need to call a capable and credentialed team in for support.


How do you find the right wealth manager?


Ideally, you engage a wealth manager before the questions surrounding your wealth and your goals become a weight on your mind. That's the core of long-term planning: determining where your life's decisions sit within your wealth journey. Our team is effective because we build a trusted relationship with you and capture your values, motivations, and objectives. It is important that together we build a transparent and honest relationship. Our role is to question and clarify goals and priorities to link how they align with your values, because those are the filters that every decision - from how you invest, to how you plan and protect your legacy - will move through. Our team will help unearth that, challenge it, and create that introspection to ultimately come out with a road map and create organization out of chaos. Our greatest joy is guiding a client through critical decisions, and celebrating with them in their success when they exceed their goals.


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