On the green

Apr 17, 2019 | Adam Bosak


I recently visited Orlando for a golf long weekend. The weather was great and the golf was plentiful. Conversations about the markets arose and the consensus was that people were less worried about the markets than they were 3 months ago. Also, there were more conversations about being an executor.

If you have ever been named Executor for someone than you know that it is not the honour that it once was. In fact it can be a timely burden to have to deal with and you do not have to say yes. We can often feel obligated to say yes to those nearest and dearest to us when there are other options available. Royal Trust is one example of corporate executors. They have been around for over 100 years. Whether you live out of town, province or country or you are local, but too busy with work and family, you can request assistance from a corporate executor. Often this is a good idea to avoid a beneficiary being an executor and the discrepancies that can arise between beneficiaries. This is a service that you can set-up ahead of time through your Will or an Executor can reach out for help once you have passed.

We are also hosting a seminar on Tuesday April 30 in St. Catharines on Will & Estate Planning. If you are interested in attending please visit our website for all of the details and to reserve your spot today.