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Current Issue
CPP Survivor Benefits
Be kind to those you leave behind
Financial Foothold Award
What a trustee should and shouldn't do
FALL Events - Mark your calendars
The world is spinning faster - T+2 settlement cycle
Facebook and LinkedIn
Pre-planning to save your family grief
Navigating Social Media
Apr/May 2017
Re-assessing the house
Helping you protect your on-line presence
How currency exchange affects your life
Using a Power of Attorney
Cross Border Planning - Dual Filing Obligations
Retiring Soon?
Help clients Pass On Digital Legacies
Robo-Advisor - Trend or Here to Stay?
Habitat for Humanity
There was a Time
Lunch and Learn Financial Education Events
Special Events
Understanding the Nature of the Bear
Canada Pension Plan - Your Pension Update
Lunch and Learn Financial Education Events
Presentation to the Food Bank
Shoes for Syrian Children - A local Initiative
The Family Inventory
Your Retirement Planning Checklist
Office Drama
Formally Introducing Una Guile
Tax Free Saving Accounts - The Estate Perspective
What to do in a Market Turndown
Do You Have Your Family Covered On Your Vacation?
Rates of Return - Why This Is Important To You?
Tax-Minimization Strategies In Retirement
April/May 2015
The Brief: On The Client Relationship Model Dubbed "CRM 2"
Interest Rates: A Worldwide Perspective
Interest Rates: A Worldwide Perspective Continued
It's Tax Season! What You Need To Be Prepared
Making Your Incentive Payment Work For Your Changing Circumstances
Making Your Incentive Payment Work For Your Changing Circumstances Continued
Why Pets Should Be In Your Will
Charitable Donations In Kind: A Smarter Way to Donate
Administration Corner
Ontario and Family
Best Practices for Aging Clients
Your Invite to Estate Planning Presentation - the NEW ACT
Fall review meetings and Helpful Tips for TFSA's and currency conversions
What You Should Expect From Your Full Service Advisor
How Fees and Commissions Work In A Full Service Firm
What's Happening?
Building Your Wealth And Your Confidence
Review your Will and Estate with WESA In Mind.
Making Financial Decisions As A Couple 
Tax stubs where are you?
Measure your retirement readiness
2014 Financial Planning Checklist for seniors
Events of the Spring
E-Statements and E-Documents
Trivia Facts
November December 2013
Reflections of 2013
TFSA's - How to make the most of your contribution room
Nick Murrays 'Eight Great Investor Mistakes'
Welcome to Jessica
What goes on in year end reviews
Of Wasps and Phishes
CRA Prescribed Loan Rate Alert
Recognizing Phishing Emails
Upcoming Events
How to Beat Financial Procrastination
Upcoming presentations
Learning from Research
Living Benefits - basics of Long Term Care Insurance
Expecting Fat Tails - Mawer Investment Management
Upcoming presentations
Welcome to a brand new year!
2013 January/February tax planning tips
Family Law Act changes for separating/separated couples
Seminar information and schedule
Busy times
TFSA strategy
Why stocks go up and down
Christmas ideas for young readers
Summer is coming to a close
Marriage and wills
Income from joint accounts
Funny Money is coming to the Comox Valley
May offerings
Power of Attorney Changes may be coming
How Much is that pension in the window?
It's in the Vault
Spring Greetings
Executor Obligations
Five Ways to Avoid OAS Clawback
An Invitation to a Presentation
Celebrations for Lara
The non-financial Risks of Retirement
TO DO reminders
Longevity Risk
Spring Presentations
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