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Estate Planning Health-Check Questionnaire:

  • By conducting this "health-check" questionnaire we can help identify the steps you should take and whether updates are required to help avoid potential problems now and down the road. Download now 

Will and Will Planning:

  • This guide can help prepare you for a meeting with your lawyer.  Familiarizing yourself with the tools and verbiage that goes with Will and Estate Planning before that meeting can save your time and money. Download now

Mind the Gap:

  • White paper research results. What baby boomers need to know about Power of Attorney Planning. Download now

The Family Inventory Guidebook: 

  • The most helpful tool your Executor or Power of Attorney will want from you! Store information in a secure place or your safety deposit box. Update every 3 years or when there is a significant change. Download now

Receiving a Significant Cash Inflow?

  • Understand the available options if you've recently received a substantial amount of money through an inheritance, lottery, gift for other means. Download now


Client Reporting Tax Guide

With tax reporting season around the corner, take advantage of the following resources and best practices to help you prepare!


My Money Matters

Over 700 Articles related to Money Matters… easy search tool – or enjoy a ‘browse and learn’.