The 7 Principles That Will Guide Our Relationship


What you can expect as we navigate your financial future, together.

1. YOU drive the approach to investing.

The success we have working together depends on how well I listen to you.  I only make recommendations once I fully understand your needs, wants and concerns.  Your financial objectives and goals - whether it's to do with your retirement income, Wills and estate planning, taxes, or insurance - drive everything that follows.

2. Objectivity and choice are paramount.

I am committed to maintaining objectivity when finding the best solutions for my clients. I have access to just about every product available from every institution, not just RBD DS.  And as someone who has helped dozens of clients transition into retirement, I know how to look a the multitude of investment choices to customize a comprehensive financial plan that's right for you.

3. Risk management is based on our unique investor profile.

I will learn about your tolerance for risk and market fluctuations.  No investments are without risk, but it is my duty to understand the risks in your life and how that may impact your financial future.

4. Tax-smart investing is holistic.

I recognize that every component of your life has tax consequences, whether it's owning a rental property, being an American-Canadian dual citizen, or having savings held outside of tax sheltered accounts.  Tax-smart investing is like a chess game where all the pieces must be taken into consideration.

5. We'll speak the same language.

I pride myself on being a financial advisor who avoids using lots of buzzwords, and who prioritizes financial education. I strive to understand not only your financial objectives and needs, but also how you want to converse about your financial future.

6. High value service can be paired with cost-conscious choices.

I promise to always be clear on pricing.  If we create a proposal for you, you will get a summary of costs that will be reviewed as your account size changes. All costs include access to a range of RBD DS professionals, from mortgage specialists to Will and Estate Consultants.

7. We're in it for the long haul.

I view all relationships with my clients as long-term, and as we move forward in our relationship we will settle into a pattern of ongoing reviews.  The regularity of reviews is customized and dependent on the complexity of your financial situation. Contact me or my associate, Una Guile at any time!