Executive and Professional Families

You’ve worked extremely hard to get where you are in your career after years of education and training before starting your practice. Finding the time to create a financial plan that helps you reach your lifetime goals is not easy when you are putting most of that time into your profession.

Jonathan works with a number of successful medical professionals and executives. Our team works towards organizing your affairs and understanding the unique planning opportunities available.

  • What does retirement look like?
  • How do you plan to fund your retirement?
  • What should you do with surplus cash not needed in your practice?
  • What type of capital protection do you require for your business and your family?

Highly occupied executives and professionals spend their time working diligently in their respective professions. With a busy schedule, creating a solid financial plan for both today’s and tomorrow’s objectives can be a challenge. With increased seniority often comes increased complexity – a higher tax bill, a larger investment portfolio, multi-faceted compensation packages and precious little time to manage any of it.

Executives who are too busy to optimize their wealth often benefit from a more sophisticated, integrated approach. Jonathan’s team will use our enhanced financial planning tools and retirement solutions for high-net-worth investors and executives. The team will take the time to understand your financial concerns and help you create a plan to achieve your goals.

Business owner's guide

Business owner's guide

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