Farm and Fisheries Families

Farm and fishery businesses need a unique type of succession, retirement, estate and financial planning. Each farm and fishery business is distinctive of its own and no single approach works for everyone.

Jonathan’s early experiences of growing up on a farm has allowed him a lifelong process of educating himself on all financial, tax, and succession issues unique to farms and fisheries. Over the last 20+ years he has developed an expertise in these fields by successfully helping many of his clients who are involved in these industries.

  • What financial consideration should I take into account before selling my quota?
  • Should I invest more money into my business or invest those funds in the market? What is the right approach?
  • How do I transition to retirement when the business is sold or the next generation takes over?

Every farm and fishery business structures itself according to its own needs, but every business can often benefit from the expertise of a team who has successfully advised others within that industry and someone who has worked, experienced and lived your type of business.

Our team’s approach will help find the right balance of investing in the market and reinvesting in your business.

There is a different level of concern that farmers and agricultural businesses feel when they have to put their trust and money into another’s hands to assure there will be sufficient funds to see them through the rest of their lives. Acknowledging those concerns and addressing them in the best interest of you and your family is of utmost importance with our team.

Family Wealth Management guide

Family Wealth Management guide

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