Business Owner Families

When it comes to financial planning for your own business, the do-it-yourself drive and motivation that helped you propel your business forward is a huge part of your success. But, it may not serve you as well when it comes to the vast array of financial issues that your business creates. Professional and trusted advice often becomes necessary to ensure your continued success and to solve problems before they interfere with the business or family itself.

Jonathan works with a number of business owners, and has more than 20 years of experience helping them achieve their goals and build their wealth through each stage of their business.

  • What does retirement look like?
  • How do you plan to fund your retirement?
  • What should you do with surplus cash not needed in the business?
  • How do you organize your business assets in the most tax-efficient manner?
  • What type of capital protection do you require for your business and your family?

More than half of small to medium sized enterprise owners do not have a business succession plan. Selling the business is often part of a business owner’s retirement plan, so the valuation of the business and how they plan to sell, are very important aspects our team will discuss.

Business owners want their financial advisors to show them ways to keep their wealth that they have worked hard to create for themselves. They are looking for financial, tax, succession, and estate planning solutions. Retirement is very unique to plan as an entrepreneur. Learning how to balance between reinvesting into the business and setting aside money for personal savings is much easier with the assistance of an advisor who can guide you through this process.

Succeeding in business succession

Planning for succession in advance is imperative to maximizing your business’s eventual sale price, protecting the legacy of what you’ve built, transitioning your business smoothly and funding your future plans.

Watch this video to learn about the key elements of a successful business succession plan.