My Special in the Financial Post: Good things take time to plant, grow and flourish. So do good financial behaviours

January 12, 2024 | Stephanie Woo, CIM, FMA


Happy intergenerational family sitting for family portrait

Financial literacy and helping families arming themselves with good financial habits for long term success has been a passion project of mine.

My first job was $5.45/hr (yes, it was a long time ago). My parents were immigrants and I am very fortunate to be born in Canada. Many still take this for granted, I do not.

In today’s world of constant busyness and the desire of instant gratification, good financial habits can help guide you on what it takes for long-term investing goals or any venture worth pursuing. 

Read my Special as published in the Financial Post

We are in the midst of the largest wealth transfer in history, let's help more families improve their financial success together.

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