Your peace of mind, our priority.

The freedom to live the life you want

Life is busy and it can get unpredictable; time is precious and often not enough to enjoy life; managing finances has become complicated and sometime overwhelming. For all these simple yet very important reasons at the Sechopoulos Group of RBC Dominion Securities, we make it our mission to simplify our clients’ financial lives so they can spend more time doing what they enjoy. That is why we have done Private Investment Management a corner stone of our business.














Benefits from Private Investment Management

With Private Investment Management you get a unique discretionary managed account where you delegate responsibility for day-to-day investment decisions to a personal Portfolio Manager, who knows and understands your goals and needs providing you a completely customized portfolio designed for you. And because you are not required to approve every single transaction your Portfolio Manager can take advantage of every opportunity with no delays.

We offer several complete fee-based wealth management solutions to high-net-worth clients with minimum liquid investments of $500,000.

   The highest credentials at your service

Only a select group of Investment Advisors can offer you portfolio management services through Private Investment Management. Portfolio Managers must possess advanced investment credentials, extensive experience advising clients and substantial assets under administration.

   Direct access to your Portfolio Manager

Unlike most money management programs where you never meet your Portfolio Manager, Private Investment Management offers you the unique opportunity to sit down with your Portfolio Manager and discuss your needs one-on-one. Because you have a personal relationship with your Portfolio Manager, your portfolio can more accurately reflect your individual goals and objectives on an ongoing basis.