Financial Planning


Steve Mogdan, CPA, CA, CFP

Financial Planning Specialist, Family Office Services, RBC Wealth Management

Will & Estate Specialist


Mary Metel, LL.B

Will & Estate Consultant, Family Office Services, RBC Wealth Management

 Lynn Prudom

 Estate Planning Specialist

 The power of what we do.

 “Estate planning is a sensitive subject. So I practice at being the best listener I can be. I make every effort to ensure that people are educated on the risks to their life savings should something unexpected happen, and then show them how they can overcome those situations in a comprehensive way.”
Lynn does what she does because she has witnessed, first hand, the power of properly structured estate planning solutions that ensures one’s legacy and changes the lives of others.

With RBC since 1996, Lynn joined Estate Planning Specialist, Rick Squires in 2009. Together, they work to support and educate advisors and their clients on the importance of wealth management based solutions. Leveraging over 35 years of experience, they have a deep ability to understand and implement strategies for most every estate planning need.

Business Owner Specialist


Murray Shapiro, BA, LL.B, TEP

Vice President, Business Owner Specialist, Family Office Services, RBC Wealth Management

Estate & Trusts Specialist


Susan Macdonald, TEP, MTI

Senior Trust Advisor, RBC Royal Trust

Banking Solutions & Services


David Bowman

Private Banker, RBC Private Banking


Carly Rouffer

Premier Banking Advisor, RBC Royal Bank

Stephen Wilson

Mortgage Specialist