It's humbling and a compliment to us when our clients have a positive experience.

"I am glad to share my experience. A few years ago, I was reviewing Halal Investment solutions offered by major financial institutions here in GTA. I was looking for a credible Sharia-compliant solution without compromising growth and stability. Mr. Sameer introduced me to a flexible and growth-oriented mechanism that has the potential to fulfill my custom needs along with reasonable growth. I am impressed by Mr. Sameer’s understanding as he delivered excellent results up to my satisfaction by using active investment management. Now I feel much comfortable to say that I made a good decision towards moving my investment to RBC Dominion Securities."

Sajid H. Sheikh

"I have been very happy with RBC Wealth Management due to the years of experience it brings to wealth management for clients along with the personalized services it provides. They have the tools, resources, and market research capabilities to help investors make the most well-informed decisions. Sameer Azam at RBC Wealth Management brings a wealth of knowledge to the area of socially responsible investing and has assisted me greatly in investing according to my values and goals. He is passionate about his profession and ensures his clients receive the highest quality service. Most importantly, he makes the complicated world of finance easy to navigate. I would highly recommend RBC Wealth Management and Sameer Azam in particular as an investment advisor to anyone looking to practice ethical and Socially Responsible Investing."


“My husband and I have demanding personal and professional lives. We have been Sameer's clients for over 2 years now. Prior to meeting Sameer, we struggled with finding the time to manage our financial affairs which negatively impacted our investments. Since Sameer has taken over our investment management, we have noticed considerable improvement in our investments.

We have the utmost respect for Sameer. He is very professional and knowledgeable in financial and ethical investing matters. His advice is sound, well thought out and catered to our specific needs and financial goals. He has simplified our finances which has given us peace of mind. We value and rely on his advice and insight. We have no hesitation in recommending him as a financial advisor.”

Simi & Wasim

“Sameer Azam and his team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I want to break their work down into 4 streams to help explain how they have helped me and my family:

1) Service - they are extremely easy to work with and available anytime I need to make contributions, withdrawals, or other admin work. I am always updated on portfolio changes and a call away for other concerns. Half the battle is knowing where you are and where you want to be, and Sameer always does an excellent job explaining this to me and my family.

2) Returns and Fees - Returns have been amazing. I do not want to overstate this, but I believe I get more than I pay in fees with advice, planning, and actual results. Looking at my short, mid- and long-term goals and risk profile and the long-term strategy that we mutually agreed upon, I believe the returns have been completely in-line. In fact, better than I expected. There are no unicorns, but protecting against declines while taking advantage of bull markets with a steady approach, has been great.

3) Investment Strategy - My portfolios follow Islamic principles and are Sharia-compliant. Many think that means reduced returns. This is not the case, and Sameer and his team have proven results that also align with my principles. The diversified strategy and ability to invest in vast numbers of investment vehicles while being Sharia-compliant is extremely refreshing and ensures alignment with my long-term goals.

4) Wealth and Tax Planning - Sameer manages all of our registered investments. He works to provide excellent long-term returns while minimizing the tax impact. This is a huge bonus and keeps me at ease at all times knowing we are following a plan.

Lastly, the best part about working with Sameer is that he is extremely principled, honest, and ethical. His strong focus on community, charity, and his care for others leaves me excited to know that I am doing great with my money and without compromising personal values.”

Imad Syed

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