Fat cat vs Moose

Dec 02, 2019 | Mark Ryan


Something odd riding my bike in to work today, for the first time in 19 years I was nearly blown away by several random sideways gusts of wind.  Usually I put up with a whole different sort of annoying phenomenon -- I ride against the wind in the morning, then during the day the wind will change, and I will ride against it again on the way home.  Rarely does this work in my favour, and today is the first time it nearly put me in the ditch a couple of times.  It’s the last Friday before the election.  Lots of hot air out there somewhere, resulting in a dangerous chills and thrills here in Prince George. Get out there and vote.  May the good guys win!


Better tepid growth than a hard freeze

As the Q3 earnings season begins, we look at the factors constraining corporate profits. But against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, even modest growth in the quarters ahead should be enough to keep major equity markets ticking higher, in our view.


Regional developments: Employment gains in Canada continue; UK and EU announce a tentative Brexit deal; and some progress in U.S.-China trade talks

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Global equity: As good as it gets?

It’s usually the case the economy looks unstoppable before it peaks. The turn often comes when inflation rises to levels demanding more aggressive central bank tightening. But that is some ways off. Our prognosticators expect North American economies and corporate profits—and share prices—will yet grow over the coming 12 months, perhaps beyond (but not without a hiccup along the way).


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In my weekly column.  Um…  my very, very fat cat ate it.


But that moose is back eating my apple tree, even as I am writing this.  Confound it!


 And here is the guard cat not caring. 


The fat cat said something about a clause in his contract, and that I can expect to hear from his union shop steward… blah, blah, blah, grievance, blah, blah, blah.


Have a great weekend!