Full-service wealth solutions


We complement our investing services by offering a wide range of wealth services that encompass all aspects of your financial life, and create a well-rounded plan that helps you move toward your goals.

Global insights and thought leadership

We don’t just think about the here and now. Instead, we help you prepare to leave a legacy you’re proud of by ensuring your wishes are carried out, and assets are distributed, in a way that reflects your values.

Financial planning

We take an all-encompassing approach to your wealth to determine your needs, values, and goals, and create a financial plan that helps you reach them. And with our team approach to monitoring your evolving needs, your financial plan will change and adjust as you do.

Risk mitigation planning

In order to help you reach your financial and personal goals, we’ll investigate potential risks based on your unique financial situation, and set up a tailored mitigation plan to ensure you can secure your ideal future.

Retirement planning

No matter what stage you’re at on your financial journey, or what dreams you hope to bring to life, our team will help strategize on and implement a retirement plan that sets you and your family up for future success.

Take your investing to the next level


With unmatched institutional experience and the highest level of credentials, Ginetz Private Wealth is here to provide you with peace of mind and an expert edge in all aspects of your financial life.

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