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We filter RBC Capital Markets' industry-leading research through two layers of expert knowledge to deliver truly independent, objective, and world-class advice. First, through the Portfolio Advisor Group (PAG), who serve as our investment committee, and second, through Justin's own experience-backed insight into the markets and your unique financial situation.


Dominick Hardy, CA, CFA

Vice-President & Senior Portfolio Manager


Patrick McAllister, CFA

Head of Canadian and U.S Equity, Portfolio Manager


Tasneem Azim Khan, CFA

Vice-President, Portfolio Manager, U.S. Equities


Gopa Nair, CFA

Portfolio Manager, U.S. Equities


Mikhial Pasic, CFA, B.Sc.

Vice President, Head of Alternative Investments


Jim Allworth

Portfolio Strategist

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With unmatched institutional experience and the highest level of credentials, Ginetz Private Wealth is here to provide you with peace of mind and an expert edge in all aspects of your financial life.

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