Private Investment Management


With RBC’s premium investment management offering, clients of Ginetz Private Wealth gain a series of unmatched benefits that offer them the freedom, stability, and peace of mind to focus on what matters most to them.

The highest ethical standards and credentials

Private Investment Management (PIM) is only offered through a select group of RBC investment advisors, each of whom must meet exacting standards, complete rigorous coursework, and demonstrate extensive experience in delivering trustworthy financial advice to their high-net-worth clients. Plus, with the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, the global gold standard for investment management, Justin Ginetz is particularly poised to provide your investments with an expert edge.

Direct relationship with your personal portfolio manager

Not all investment management offerings are equal. With PIM, you’ll delegate day-to-day investment decisions to a portfolio manager you trust. And by forming a close relationship with you, Justin can make decisions on your behalf based on your agreed-upon Investment Policy Statement (IPS), and you can hold him accountable to your needs and every decision he makes.

Full portfolio customization

With PIM, your portfolio is built from the ground up and fully customized to your income needs, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation, and other preferences. Justin will recommend an ideal asset-allocation model divided between cash, fixed income, equities, and even hedge funds to maximize your investment diversification and determine the balance between risk and returns, reviewing and adjusting along the way.

Global insights and thought leadership

Justin doesn’t work alone; instead he collaborates with his world-class, globally recognized investment committee, who support him on a daily basis with investment strategy and research, recommendations on portfolio composition, insights on global trends, and thought leadership in all aspects of investment management.


A personal fund tailored to you


At Ginetz Private Wealth, we create a personalized portfolio perfectly suited to your needs. To do so, we take care of your complete financial picture, following a disciplined, detail-oriented process that empowers us to make meaningful financial decisions for you and your family.

Create your financial plan

When it comes to your finances, the details matter. And no details matter more to us than your personal and financial goals. Before we invest a dime of your money, we spend time with you to uncover your vision of success and lay a foundation to help you achieve it.

Align on an Investment Policy Statement

Once we’ve created your financial plan, we align with you on your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to determine the return objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs, and tax considerations of your investment portfolio.

Create and manage your portfolio

After getting aligned with you, Justin uses his professional expertise as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) to build your portfolio, conducting in-depth market research and consulting his globally recognized investment committee on a daily basis to create, monitor, and adjust according to your needs.

Connect you with experts

With a full 360-degree approach to managing your wealth, we partner with our extended team to deliver you a comprehensive range of wealth solutions for your tax, business, estate, and financial planning needs with a coordinated effort.