Kingsmill Investment Miscellanea

This is my personal, weekly investment commentary, where I provide in a few paragraphs, market commentary, insight and actionable ideas, which is sent out to all my clients.


Kingsmill's Investment Miscellanea - Friday June 30th, 2023

June 30, 2023 |Joshua Kingsmill
I just came back from a quick trip with my oldest, James, who graduated from Grade 8: we went to London and Paris for his first trip to Europe. Those who know me well know that I worked in London, and spent a year studying in Paris, so it was a great...
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Kingsmill's Investment Miscellanea - Friday June 23rd, 2023

June 23, 2023 |Joshua Kingsmill
This week, Josh was able to attend a 3-day Investment Advisor's conference. One of the highlights was a presentation on ESG investing and how it has evolved over the last decade. For this week's Kingsmill's Investment Miscellanea, I thought it may be...
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Kingsmill's Investment Miscellanea - Friday June 16th, 2023

June 16, 2023 |Joshua Kingsmill
I came across a great initiative being offered by RBC to its clients. Our last seminar talked about the importance of having a will, and estate planning discussion with our team, if and when warranted. Having gone through the process of attending to the...
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Kingsmill's Investment Miscellanea - Friday June 9th, 2023

June 09, 2023 |Joshua Kingsmill
How long are interest rates going to stay where they are? When are they going back down? Or, can they go higher? Of course, I don't have a crystal ball (as long-time readers can attest to, when it comes to my predictions!) I do believe, however, that...
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Kingsmill's Investment Miscellanea - Friday June 2nd, 2023

June 02, 2023 |Joshua Kingsmill
In the last few weeks, I’ve almost been a victim of a few attempted scams. I bring this up because we do get calls from our clients asking if the forms, or emails or phone calls they receive from RBC are legitimate or not. I fell for one such scam: I...
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Joshua Kingsmill

Joshua Kingsmill, BA, MBA, CIM

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