Helping create restful nights

We help create restful nights for our clients knowing they have a plan that can render the market's daily ups and downs irrelevant to their future prosperity.

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A complete understanding of everything that matters most to you

Your client experience with the Opheim Wealth Management Group includes broad-reaching service and expertise that we provide. In a nutshell, we are your:

One-stop shop for advice and help

We are your "Chief Problem Solver", and first call for any major life or financial event.


Living financial history

We build lifelong relationships and intergenerational strategies, so you, your children, and grandchildren, can rely on us to understand your complete financial history and outlook.


Personal advocate

We coordinate with others - be it our extended team of industry experts, or your own trusted advisors - to deliver solutions that leave no stone unturned.


Our process: centered around your story, goals, and future

Your story


Your goals


Your concerns


Your opportunities


You plan


Your team


Your future

The first step to every client relationship: listen and learn. Where are you now and where do you want to go? Who are the people, and what are the passions you care about most? 


From investment management and tax minimization to business and estate planning, we work shoulder to shoulder with a full team of financial specialists and your other trusted advisors to design your all-encompassing, forward-looking wealth strategy.


Next, we look to the future. What dreams do you want to achieve? What financial concerns do you have today? What can be done to better protect your family, business, and wealth through life’s twists and turns?



At the end of the day, Your client experience is much more than prudent financial advice. It’s a complete living history of your financial life, a path to a secure financial future, and one team to call for any problem you need solved.