A different approach... the OWM approach

Over the years, The Opheim Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities (OWM) has enriched the lives of our clients and their families by inspiring optimism and building their wealth with expert advice as sincere as it is matter-of-fact. We believe our sincere and no-nonsense rapport with clients has helped our clients and their families protect and build their wealth while feeling confident that they are in experienced hands.

Whether you’re a business owner, charitable foundation or high-net-worth individual, we’ll help you reach your wealth aspirations with a full spectrum of wealth and investing solutions.

If you would like to learn more about how the OWM Group can help you on your wealth journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a complimentary review.


The OWM approach

Relationship first

Our team members – Josh and Jonny – answer their own phones and are always happy to help clients with whatever it is they need. Establishing a direct professional relationship between client and Investment Advisor and Associate Advisor is integral to the OWM Group offering. Open communication informs us of your wants and needs as they evolve, so we know exactly how to adjust your investments and which wealth solutions are suitable for your wealth goals. Meet our team > 

Pension-managed value investing

As a client of OWM Group, you remain actively involved in setting your wealth objectives and comfort level with risk while our team takes care of the day-to-day tactical decisions – tailoring our portfolio management and financial counsel to your unique needs.

We abide by the rules of protecting your money and investing through high-quality pension managers that have been carefully researched and selected by our team of 11 CFAs. By actively adjusting our clients’ asset allocations through the advice of over 40 Portfolio Advisory members, our client's portfolio are appropriately adjusted to ensure they’re in positions to thrive when markets correct.

Comprehensive wealth management solutions

Investing is a fundamental piece of the wealth puzzle, though, it’s only one part. Reaching your goals often requires a blend of strategies to minimize taxation, provide sufficient retirement income, safeguard your wealth, and provide for the effective transition of assets between generations.

In order to provide you and your family integrated wealth management solutions, we’ve partnered with a team of financial, taxation, insurance, banking and legal professionals to uncover opportunities, create a plan, and, ultimately, help you reach your goals.

Leveraging Canada's most respected corporation

As part of the RBC Financial Group, OWM Group has access to an array of insights, analysis and smart technology. We’re also part of a large network of professionals – economists, wealth management specialists, analysts and more – who assist us in creating tailor-made solutions for you and your family.

Tax reporting guide

A guide designed to help you and your tax advisor prepare your tax return as related to your investments with RBC Dominion Securities. View the Tax Reporting Guide now.

Family wealth guide

When you are responsible for $1 million or more in assets, there are unique financial planning issues and strategies that you should consider. Our guide highlights 10 strategies to help you protect your assets, reduce taxes, plan for retirement and maximize your legacy.

Business owner's guide

Whether you’re already a business owner or thinking about becoming one, the decisions you make will have far-reaching implications. Our guide explains ten key decisions you may need to make.

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