Discipline | Dedication | Determination


As a former professional golfer, I understand the importance of discipline, dedication, and determination in achieving success on the course. I apply these same principles to help my clients reach their financial goals. Just as in golf, precision and careful decision-making are essential in wealth management. I strive to carefully assess and minimize risks while maximizing opportunities for my clients' long-term prosperity. 



"Clients get our discipline, our dedication, and our creative mindset working in their corner" 

|  Josh Opheim







Our Mission:

To manage all aspects we can control beyond the market

Our Promise:

Leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of setting and achieving your goals

Our Character:

Precise, compassionate, and efficient in everything we do




A Skilled & Diverse Team

The Opheim Wealth Management team has a broad range of backgrounds and experience, which gives us the depth and specialized skills to deal with the complexities of individual and family financial needs.