Your money, well managed, sets you free

As one of the leading wealth advisory teams in the nation, we remain distinguished by our drive to innovate – to deliver solutions that evoke trust, confidence, security, and a client experience that is like no other. 

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The building of trust takes place in small moments

In our business, these moments have meaning, sometimes implications, and often involve money - they deserve creative, effective solutions that are as thoughtful as they are effective.

We strive to be the first call our clients make in times of difficulty, or major milestones, to offer peace of mind and the best advice. Sometimes that means setting up a living trust for better protection of their family and future. Sometimes it involves accompanying a client to the attorney's office. Or, it could involve negotiating a major purchase. Almost always, it involves building a plan and helping the client reach their financial goals.


Important outcomes from small moments 

Over the past 10 years, the Opheim Wealth Management Group at RBC Dominion Securities has been helping clients achieve their financial goals and fulfilling their dreams. The more complex or ambitious your situation, the more we can help. We have experienced a lot in the world of wealth, and there's nothing we can't do for you thanks to RBC's massive resources and experience.

Our clients trust us with their assets because there is no moment too small or big for them to call and ask our team for help. Wealth management might be our expertise, but be we solve your problems and help you reach your goals every day.