Portfolio management for us is about more than just making money. It's about protecting our clients and helping them achieve their goals.


Investing for you

As part of the Real Wealth Approach, portfolio management revolves around your specific financial situation and needs. Based on the financial goals that we've worked to develop and maintain with you through discovery, financial planning, and ongoing service & review, we derive the investment framework that will best position you to achieve your long-term financial goals and ensure that said framework is consistently revisited and updated.

Investing under proper governance

After working with you to develop the optimal investment framework, we solidify it within an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS serves as the governing document for the portfolio and helps to ensure all parties that the portfolio will be managed within the agreed upon risk and asset class parameters at all times. Reinforcing this document is our RBC Risk Management team which serves as another layer of oversight for keeping all portfolios on track.

See a sample IPS <click here>

Investing in a cost efficient way

Gone are the days of high commissions and high-cost fund managers. At Wade Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities, we utilize our experienced personnel and the vast amount of resources available to us through RBC Wealth Management and RBC Capital Markets to provide clients with portfolios that are composed largely of individual securities and complimented with small allotments to low-cost, high-quality third-party managers.

Investing in quality securities at reasonable prices

Above all else, this is our guiding principal when it comes to security selection. We believe the key to successful long-term investing is to allocate capital to high-quality businesses with strong competitive advantages and earnings that will persevere through the highs and lows of the business cycle, and to do so at prices that help mitigate loss should something go awry.

Investing as part of a model

We will not put the livelihoods of our clients at risk by concentrating capital in too few areas or by chasing the investment flavor-of-the-month. We believe in deploying capital within a model approach to ensure that portfolios are properly diversified across a number of asset classes and sectors.