We take pride in understanding each client's unique financial situation and creating a financial blueprint around it - a blueprint that we update and maintain with you over time and use as a roadmap toward your financial well-being.


Staying on track

For us, planning for your financial future is an essential part of the Real Wealth Approach. It is something we feel is a necessity when it comes to maintaining the big picture and keeping your finances on track towards your goals. It is also something that we view as interconnected and dynamic; not standalone and static. Proper financial planning therefore must:

  • Revolve around the information and goals learned from our discovery conversations
  • Help guide the portfolio management process as we build your portfolio to best position you for success
  • Be continuously updated through ongoing reviews to reflect new developments in your life


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To transform the planning into a concrete financial projection, we utilize RBC Wealth Management's powerful tool, myGPSTM. myGPSTM provides an overview of your financial picture and how you are tracking to your short-term and long-term goals with a look that is clear and smart. It contains a number of input assumptions (on things like inflation, rates of return, savings, etc.) that we can manipulate based on your preferences, and can be used to help prioritize financial goals and opportunities. Furthermore, as an easy-to-use internet-based application, we can walk through the projection with you live in real-time - making whatever changes you'd like to see right away and demonstrating the financial impact of those changes immediately.


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