Real wealth management is about consistently being there for people. From the first meeting, the review meetings, and everywhere in between.


Every step of the way

We believe having a team of professionals dedicated to your financial needs on a continuous basis should be one of the advantages to working with a wealth management team. It is because of this that we stress ongoing service & review as a key part of the Real Wealth Approach.

Ongoing service & review for us translates into two main areas:

1) Regular reviews and reporting

Providing successful wealth management over the long-term can only happen by working with you to stay on top of life changes as they occur. That's why at least annually we will proactively reach out to arrange to sit down with you and review how things are going and what major changes, if any, need to be considered. This practice of continuous follow-up with you is important as it provides opportunity for further discovery, whereby new information can be used to refine the financial planning and portfolio management operations to even better suit your financial situation. Also, in between review meetings, we provide you with monthly statements on all investment accounts and quarterly performance reports.

2) Servicing requests

We are always here when you need us and can help with a vast array of requests, including (but not limited to):

  • Operating new accounts
  • Normal deposits/withdrawals
  • RRSP, TFSA, RESP, contributions/withdrawals
  • Setting up or changing automatic deposits/withdrawals
  • Setting up online banking and electronic statements
  • Coordinating tax documents
  • Booking a meeting with ourselves or one of our wealth specialists
  • Estate or trust paperwork
  • Discussing markets and/or specific investment ideas