Simplicity. Safety. Preservation of Capital.


Three Keys to Client Relationships

We believe there are three keys to what we do that help us work closely with our clients to develop a long-term, diversified investment strategy.

First, we need to be direct. We want to be knowledgeable about you and your family/business situation to understand what you want your assets to do for you.

Second, we are your guides when you need us. We will help you navigate the many choices you have with your money and show you how to diversify your portfolio to maximize gains while minimizing losses.

Third, it’s all about you. We want to work closely with you to build a personalized, long-term strategy that we follow and monitor closely, so that you can maintain your lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

We believe these three keys are the best guarantee of long-term, successful advisory relationship.

Specialized Advice · Peace of Mind

Wealth management is essentially highly enhanced financial planning and investment management. It includes advice on your investment, business, and retirement plans – but it extends well beyond that to include advice on protecting your lifestyle, minimizing your tax exposure, maximizing your income and organizing your estate. Even the best financial advisor, acting alone, cannot really provide wealth management. It is a multi-disciplinary approach involving experts in different areas, including investment advisors, financial analysts, financial planners, insurance specialists, estate planners, legal advisors and more. In short, while you may have one advisor who is your key financial navigator, you actually need a team of experts to deliver effective wealth management.

Simplicity · Safety · Preservation of Capital

Our investment philosophy is one of simplicity, safety, and preservation of capital.

This means we ensure all of our clients have the peace of mind that only comes when you understand your investment portfolio – where your money is invested and why it is invested there. We see no evidence that vastly complex investment portfolios perform any better than simple and transparent ones. Furthermore, we take a safe approach. We want to meet your unique goals with as little risk as possible – even if it means leaving a little profit on the table. And, since many of our clients value preservation of capital, we focus on strategies to protect on the downside without sacrificing long-term growth.

We believe that this focus is what has kept our clients’ portfolios on the right track for nearly three decades.