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How the Wealthy Barber manages emotions when it comes to investing

Mar 12, 2020 |David Chilton

Author and investor David Chilton offers tips for dealing with market turbulence.

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Déjà Vu All Over Again

May 06, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

Investment fads are nothing new. When selecting strategies for their portfolios, investors are often tempted to seek out the latest and greatest investment opportunities.

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The Evidence on the Evidence: How Do You Know What (and Whom) to Heed?

Apr 22, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

There’s a reason we refer to our strategy for building durable, long-term wealth as evidence-based investing. There are a number of other terms we could use instead: Structured (getting warm), low-cost (definitely), passive (sometimes), smart beta...

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What Is Correlation (and Why Would You Care)?

Apr 01, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

By quantifying and comparing the behaviors and relationships found among various funds, factors and portfolios, we can better determine which combinations are expected to produce optimal outcomes over time.

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Eddy Mejlholm’s Evidence-Based Investment Insights: Behavioral Biases – What Makes Your Brain Trick?

Feb 14, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

In this installment, we’ll familiarize you with a half-dozen of these more potent biases, and how you can avoid sabotaging your own best-laid, investment plans by recognizing the signs of a behavioral booby trap.

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Eddy Mejlholm’s Evidence-Based Investment Insights: The Human Factor in Evidence-Based Investing

Feb 12, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

To study the relationships between our heads and our financial health, there is another field of evidence-based inquiry known as behavioral finance. What happens when we stir up that Petrie dish of financial pathogens?

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Eddy Mejlholm’s Evidence-Based Investment Insights: What Has Evidence-Based Investing Done for Me Lately?

Feb 07, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

As time marches on, relentless questioning from scholars and practitioners alike has been essential to evidence-based investment theory and application, dispelling illusions and laying the foundation for the insights we now routinely harness.

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Eddy Mejlholm’s Evidence-Based Investment Insights: What Drives Market Returns?

Jan 29, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

With all the excitement over stocks and bonds and their ups and downs in headline news, there is a key concept often overlooked. Market returns are compensation for providing the financial capital that feeds the human enterprise going on around us.

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Eddy Mejlholm’s Evidence-Based Investment Insights: The Full-Meal Deal of Diversification

Jan 17, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

Among your most important financial friends is diversification. After all, what other single action can you take to simultaneously dampen your exposure to a number of investment risks while potentially improving your overall expected returns?

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Eddy Mejlholm’s Evidence-Based Investment Insights: Financial Gurus and Other Unicorns

Jan 15, 2019 |Eddy Mejlholm

Even experts who specialize in analyzing business, economic, geopolitical or any other market-related information face the same challenges you do if they try to beat the market by successfully predicting an uncertain reaction to unexpected news.

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