How to Trick Yourself: Part 1

July 15, 2024 |Eddy Mejlholm

Since many of our most powerful biases are based on reflexive rather than reflective thinking, it’s not enough just to be aware of them. We must also learn how to defend against them. Or better yet, turn them to our advantage. How do you do that? By

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Is Your Portfolio Underperforming... Compared to What?

July 02, 2024 |Eddy Mejlholm

Still, what do you do if it feels as if your investments have been underperforming? It helps to lead with this key question, to decide if the impression is real or perceived: How am I doing so far … compared to what?

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The Wisdom of Crowds vs. Popular Delusions

June 17, 2024 |Eddy Mejlholm

Are crowds wise or delusional? The answer is yes to both, and this paradox has helped shape our investment recommendations through the years.

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Financial Goals: Your Tickets to Ride

June 01, 2024 |Eddy Mejlholm

By targeting well-crafted financial goals, we can better aim your overall investment strategies and selections.

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Six Ways a Recession Resembles a Bad Mood

February 27, 2023 |Eddy Mejlholm

There’s been a lot of talk about recessions lately: Whether one is near, far, or perhaps already here. Whether we can or should try to avoid it. What it even means to be in a recession, and how it’s related to current market turmoil. 

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How Do We Choose the Funds We Use? Step Five: Manage the Modifications

February 13, 2023 |Eddy Mejlholm

While it’s important to adhere to a long-term investment outlook, even an evidence-based portfolio is expected to evolve over time. New studies can change or add to our existing assumptions, with portfolio construction models evolving accordingly.

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How Do We Choose the Funds We Use? Step Four: Personalize Your Investments

February 06, 2023 |Eddy Mejlholm

Even world-class investments won’t do, if they don’t align with your personal tastes and unique financial circumstances.

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How Do We Choose the Funds We Use? Step Three: Inspect the Packaging

January 30, 2023 |Eddy Mejlholm

These days, there’s nearly no end to the shiny packaging in which product providers can wrap their offerings. Selecting the most appropriate structure—or structures—for your unique circumstances usually involves substantial due diligence.

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How Do We Choose the Funds We Use? Step Two: Identify the Best of the Best

January 23, 2023 |Eddy Mejlholm

As your advisor, we believe we add considerable value through our upfront and ongoing due diligence. We aim for a prudent balance between incorporating important innovations, without creating chaos.

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How Do We Choose the Funds We Use? Step One: Eliminate the Ineligible

January 17, 2023 |Eddy Mejlholm

The market’s volatile reactions to it all may have left you wondering whether, this time, seemingly heightened risks call for a higher-alert approach to your investment selections.  

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