Back to the Investment Basics Part 3: Our Marvelous Markets

November 29, 2022 |Eddy Mejlholm

This illustrates why markets will always be messy and confusing at a close-up view. Only as we zoom out can we track our progress, in the shape of an upward line of market returns over time and across the long haul.

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Back to the Investment Basics Part 2: First Save, Then Invest

November 15, 2022 |Eddy Mejlholm

When was the last time someone reminded you how incredibly powerful it can be to simply keep adding new money to your accounts, no matter what the market is doing?

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Back to the Investment Basics Part 1: Remembering Summers Past

November 01, 2022 |Eddy Mejlholm

As an investor, if you overemphasize the news that looms the largest, you’re far more likely to damage your investments than do them any favors. You’ll end up chasing hot trends, only to watch them combust or fizzle away. Or you’ll jump out.

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