Wealth management solutions with your needs in mind

Recognized as one of the leading investment teams in Yarmouth, C. d’Eon Group of RBC Dominion Securities provides a comprehensive range of wealth management services designed to your unique specifications.

Investment solutions

In order to determine your investment needs, it is important to understand the various financial issues, concerns and opportunities you face. To do so, Cory and his team will create a personalized MyGPS report for you and your family.

The MyGPS report allows Cory to evaluate your current financial strategy and find out if it is on track to meeting your long-term financial needs. It provides an overview of your family situation, main goals or concerns, net worth and cash-flow situation.

Cory can then create a personalized wealth management report, which highlights relevant tax, estate and retirement planning strategies which may apply to your situation, and a financial projection overview which uses your current situation to project your financial, retirement and estate situation and evaluate your life insurance needs.

Based on your indicated needs and preferences Cory can provide his trademark consultation and advisory approach. With the MyGPS report created, Cory can work with you to map out the strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

Find out how customized solutions can bring you closer to achieving your financial aspirations. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.