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Our new educational guidebook explains 10 key decisions to help you reduce taxes, minimize risk and enhance your retirement. – How can you turn a $750,000 capital gains tax exemption into a $3-million tax exemption? – How can you convert the equity in your business into an enhanced retirement benefit for you – and a big tax deduction for your business? – What is the best way to protect your business from adverse events like divorce or disability? – What should you do to get top dollar for your business if you’re selling it – or reduce taxes if you’re passing it on?
When you are responsible for $1 million or more in assets, there are some unique financial planning issues and strategies that you should consider. In our Family Wealth Management guide, we highlight 10 strategies to help you protect your assets, reduce taxes, plan for retirement and maximize your legacy. It covers topics such as: – Managing your higher tax burden – Reducing additional risks such as lawsuits – Avoiding the common pitfalls of owning vacation property – Minimizing taxes when passing on family assets – Teaching financial responsibility to younger family members
If you are approaching retirement – or have recently retired – there are numerous financial details you need to address. To help you cover all the details, and ensure you’re ready for a successful retirement, we have created the RBC Dominion Securities Retirement Checklist. It will help you cover off important topics such as: – Employee pensions and benefits – Government benefits – RSPs, RIFs and Locked-In Accounts – Non-registered assets – Estate planning
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