Group RRSP or DPSP:

You may have a group RRSP plan or looking to start one. I am here to help your company lead your employees into wealth and help develop a proper plan for your and their future.

Many plans out in the marketplace may have a per person fee, or increased MER(management expense ratios), these can be hidden from the employer and can cost the employee.

RBC Group RRSPs has been rated as one of the best GROUP RRSP plans in the market place, please take a look at the Investors Aid Co-Op group rrsp comparison HERE.

A group savings plan, like a group RRSP, give you the ability to offer your employees a benefit that will not only help them save for their future, but deepen their loyalty to your organization.

With an RBC group savings plan, your employees can benefit from:

Individual advice every employee will get personalized advice from one of our mobile financial planners and from any of our branch staff

Ongoing education we can offer complimentary onsite education seminars on topics like "Tax-free Savings Accounts" and "RRSP's-Investing for your Retirement" and personalized investment service at any of our branches

Tax efficiency  contributions to a Group RRSP are deducted from payroll at a pre-tax level, so this gives employees a tax benefit without having to wait for their tax receipt

Various investment options including different investment channels (Direct Investing and Dominion Securities services can be included in the plan depending on the employee's needs)

As an employer, you gain:

  • The ability to offer a benefit program with no administrative fees

  • An opportunity to reinforce employee loyalty and retention

  • Dedicated support and service to help you throughout the plan setup process and with ongoing plan management

  • Easy plan contribution options (via web, excel, or we work with your payroll provider)

  • The flexibility to implement a plan that meets your organization's specific needs

In summary, RBC Group Savings plans are a great service which would complement your existing employee compensation package with minimal administration for your company and at no cost. I have included a brochure below for more information on our program.

Some of the benefits to working with a RBC Dominion Securties investment advisor for your family's wealth is:

Access to advanced investment strategies

Full investment choices:

  • Stocks,

  • Bonds,

  • Mutual Funds,

  • Hedge Funds,

  • ETFs,

  • GICs,

  • and many more solutions.

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