At MacKay Group Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities, we serve a select group of high-net-worth clients who require the utmost level of care and personal attention. Our clients include:

  • Retirees looking for ways to enhance their investment income for today while preserving capital for the future
  • Families concerned with sustaining wealth across generations in the most tax-efficient manner possible
  • Professionals such as realtors, accountants, teachers, engineers, home builders, sales professionals, bankers and lawyers looking to free their time to focus on their careers
  • Investors, often referred to us by an existing client or another trusted professional advisor, who are seeking a positive change from their current investment advisor relationship
  • Individuals seeking guidance as they experience life-altering transitions, such as divorce, retirement or the loss of a loved one
  • Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Public and small business owners diversifying their wealth and needing advice on succession planning, creating a well-funded retirement and ensuring an equitable estate for their beneficiaries.
  • Charitable organizations operating gift of stock accounts and management of capital funds and bequests

What clients have to say about us

Client Testimonials

I want you to know how happy Gail and I are with the MacKay Group Wealth Management. Your hands on advice and your constant returns are very much appreciated. I sleep very well at night. Thank you. What a wonderful team of talented, knowledgable, helpful and friendly advisors you have in your office. You should be proud. You and your team deserve a big pat on the back.❞

– Paul & Gail M.


❝ Thanks to you Andrew (and of course Bruce) for having my best interests at heart. Even my accountant was surprised and amazed at the end result.❞

– Brenda B.

❝ In all the years I’ve given an order to her, she’s never made a mistake.❞

– David F.

Thanks very much! This is very helpful and will be very reassuring to my mom. Nice to confirm that her investments have done well this year. You continue to do a great job guiding us and her investments.Thanks very much! This is very helpful and will be very reassuring to my mom. Nice to confirm that her investments have done well this year. You continue to do a great job guiding us and her investments.❞

– Arla H.

❝ The MacKay Wealth Management Group always provides constructive information on investments I am considering or currently hold. They are responsive and informed. As well, on three separate occasions they have provided expert help in Estate and Will matters pertaining to my investments and financial institution. I would not hesitate to recommend the MacKay Group Wealth Management to potential clients.❞

– Phil A.

Bruce, I want you to know that the team saved me today from making what would probably have been a bad mistake. He took the time to dig up and walk me through some numbers for a stock that RBC does not track, and pointed out some weaknesses that I was missing. Much appreciated.❞

– Eric C.

The MacKay Group Wealth Management has been managing my investments for over 20 years. During that time, I have benefited from their collective knowledge of the markets; they have given me sage advise to protect and grow my assets. I have found the team to be knowledgeable, approachable and responsive . I have always been able to get my questions answered; no query of mine has ever been too trivial or time consuming not to elicit a timely response from the team. In dealing with the Mackay Group Wealth Management, I have the benefit of highly personalized service backed up by the security of the Royal Bank.❞

– Jay C.

❝Melissa has provided the executors of his estate with advice, stock information and relevant legal documents whenever requested. She was prompt, thorough and extremely professional in her dealings with us. She was always cheerful and quite dedicated to providing us with fast and efficient service. We found Melissa to be conscientious, responsible and hardworking.❞

– Geoff G.

Thank you Kristine. It was a good process to go through and Ted did a great job capturing all the information and formulating it into a coherent plan ❞

– Susan M.

❝We have been with Bruce and his team for over 15 years. Excellent service and results. Appreciate their advice and recommendations. They have also helped us with donations to one of our favourite causes, the Canadian Canoe Museum. Many thanks.❞

– Jim & Katie S.

❝ I love the newsletter. Read it every Friday. I don’t miss one.❞

– Dean O.