Portfolio Management is the process of managing financial assets in a disciplined manner while balancing both the risk and return characteristics of various portfolio components. Our approach to portfolio management is to manage each portfolio on an individual basis, thereby allowing portfolios to be designed and managed specific to your personal needs and objectives.

The gratification of wealth is not found in mere possession or in lavish expenditure, but in its wise application. ❞

– Miguel De Cervantes

RBC Capital Markets (RBC CM) Strategy is the outcome of senior representatives of the firm regularly meeting to compare and contrast their views on the investment outlook. Strategy consists of three parts:

  • First, the consensus strategy resulting from these discussions
  • Second, a series of tactics designed to capitalize on this strategy; and
  • Third, some of the working papers that guided us to our conclusions

We continue to emphasize a portfolio approach to stock selection. Our Strategy Focus List includes names that our three distinct approaches to security selection (fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis) suggest have the best return potential, given the industry exposure constraints.

Strategy Committee – RBC Dominion Securities senior investment strategists augment our advice with quarterly forecasts based on in-depth research and sophisticated analysis. Strategy committee makes recommendations on portfolio structure including:

  • The optimal mix of stocks, bonds and cash
  • Suggested terms for fixed-income investments
  • A “focus list” of top-ranked Canadian stocks collectively expected to outperform the benchmark TSX.


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RBC Capital Markets Research

Timely research from RBC Capital Markets helps us identify opportunities in today’s fast-changing investment climate. The RBC Capital Markets research team – Canada’s largest, with coverage of all major industry sectors and analytical disciplines – provides ideas that aid in building and preserving your wealth.

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US and International Research

Through our partnerships with leading US research firms, we have access to comprehensive research on U.S. and international companies that is exclusive to RBC Dominion Securities. Leading US investment firms like JP Morgan offer coverage of thousands of companies around the world.

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Independent Veritas Research 

Unique to RBC Dominion Securities, independent research from Veritas provides insight on selected Canadian companies through an in-depth analysis of balance sheets.

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Mutual Fund and ETF Analysis

Our team of mutual fund/ETF experts conduct extensive research on the thousands of mutual funds available to identify superior opportunities.