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Playing the long game

March 31, 2023 |Portfolio Advisor – Winter 2023

While bear markets are tough to sit through, missing the post-bear market bounce by standing on the sidelines is an avoidable – and often costly – mistake.

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Let’s talk tax!

March 30, 2023 |RBC Wealth Management

Introduction to income tax in Canada

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Kobayashi Maru (Japanese for “Little Wooden Boat”)

Thoughts on ... Little Wooden Boat

March 24, 2023 |Matt Barasch
Little Wooden Boat Legend has it that sometime in the 23rd century, the Kobayashi Maru (Japanese for “Little Wooden Boat”), struck a gravitic mine on the Klingon side of the neutral zone, breaching the ship’s hull and endangering the lives of the more...
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Gendered ageism is hindering women's financial security, but there are ways to reduce its impact

March 17, 2023 |Globe Content Studio

RBC Wealth Management and Women's Age Lab empower women to make informed financial decisions.

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Thoughts On ... Banking 101

March 17, 2023 |Matt Barasch
With the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the resultant fallout over the past week, we thought we would explain in layman’s terms what has happened and what the likely impact will be on the Canadian banks. Some Banking Basics In our efforts to...
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Thoughts On ... Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

March 10, 2023 |Matt Barasch
In honor of what looks to be everyone’s 2023 Oscar pick, markets this week were hit by a veritable cornucopia of difficult to digest tidbits that led to some choppy seas. Let’s start with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, who in our view is in the conversation...
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Proof Point: Canadian women drove a pandemic shift into higher-paying jobs

March 08, 2023 |Carrie Freestone

This is far more than we would expect based on women’s pre-pandemic share of employment in these jobs.

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How women are giving back to support small business

March 08, 2023 |RBC Wealth Management

We encourage women to embrace investing and philanthropy and to seek advice to ensure it aligns with their values and passions.

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Thoughts on ... The Terrible Twos

March 03, 2023 |Matt Barasch
Let’s start with a chart and then comment: Here, we are looking at the yield on the 2-year U.S. treasury bond, which as you can see, made new cycle highs this past week. The 2-year is important for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason...
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