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In 2010, leaning on his experience as head of Canadian equities for RBC Wealth Management, Matt developed a unique concept known as the Core 12 – a set of Canadian businesses that he believed should serve as the foundation for all long-term growth portfolios. Chosen to drive sustainable performance for clients over the long term, these businesses distinguish themselves among the rest thanks to 10 unifying features.


Sustainable management

Strong management teams with deep benches of young talent as existing managers age out.


Historic capital returns

A history of returning capital to shareholders via dividends and share buybacks.


High Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)

High and consistent ROIC, which is strongly correlated to long term share performance.


Strong barriers to entry

Strong barriers to entry prevent and restrict competition, keeping the market from oversaturation.


Strong balance sheets

Strong balance sheets indicate efficient asset management and are utilized to drive growth but are managed conservatively.


Capital discipline

Strong capital discipline limits shareholder dilution and drives sustainable income.


Consistent cash flow

Consistent free-cash-flow growth can help facilitate acquisitions as well as increases to dividends and share buybacks.


Responsible approach

A socially responsible approach with a soft touch when it comes to the environment and a high percentage of women in senior positions.


Balanced risk-taking

A willingness to take risks when the opportunity presents, but also a willingness to admit and move on from mistakes that will inevitably arise.


Compounding returns

A long track record of compounding shareholder returns through multiple economic cycles indicates favourable future returns.

The Core 12 is at the heart of Matt & Jeff’s investment approach, providing the strongest of underpinnings for client portfolios.

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While launched more than a decade ago, the Core 12 has remained remarkably stable, with no substitutions and significant outperformance relative to both the Canadian and U.S. markets.

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