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Our unique structure and process-led approach allow us to build and protect wealth for four distinct client groups.

Enterprising families

Families with complex, multigenerational wealth needs can benefit from our OneRBC “family office” approach and the peace of mind that comes with having all of your professionals located in one convenient place.

We offer:

Professional portfolio management that focuses on long-term wealth creation and tax-smart returns.

Full-family relationships that include financial literacy guidance for younger generations.

World-class wealth management strategies that focus on legacy planning, charitable giving, Wills and estates, multigenerational wealth planning, and more.

Business owners

We’re proud to partner with experts at RBC Commercial Banking and RBC Private Banking to help business builders and owners coordinate their financial assets and simplify complicated affairs, understanding the complexity that comes with having your wealth tied up in one major asset – your company.

We offer:

Fully integrated strategies that account for both business and personal wealth needs.

Comprehensive portfolios tailored to individual mandates while optimizing tax efficiency.

Support and guidance on the sale, transfer, or reorganization of your business.

Indigenous and North of 60 communities

Our team understands the unique requirements that come with managing a large pool of funds on behalf of beneficiaries. We’re proud to work alongside Indigenous and North of 60 organizations across the country to create prudent, diligent financial infrastructure to support the specific needs of your community.

We offer:

Genuine care and commitment to you and your community as we build a long-term partnership and leverage the resources of RBC for your benefit.

Presence in your community as we work together to create a personalized investment policy and investment strategy to meet your community’s needs.

Socially responsible investment mandates that ensure your portfolio remains aligned with your social, environmental, and cultural principles.

Educational sessions for board members, executive teams, finance staff, and community members.

Institutions and not-for-profits

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been helping not-for-profits, foundations, government-related organizations, and other institutions proactively plan for the future through all-encompassing investment strategies and infrastructure.

We offer:

Investment Policy Statement (IPS) creation aligned with your existing guidelines.

Fully integrated wealth strategies with customizable and consolidated reporting.

Educational sessions for board members, executive teams, and finance staff.


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