Behavioral Finance

As an investor, it can be difficult to separate one’s behaviors from logical and judicious decision making. We believe being aware of biases, and bringing them to the forefront of client conversations or self-evaluation, will often produce better investment outcomes.

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2021 Investment Executive Brokerage Report Card

At RBC Dominion Securities, we are honoured to lead the wealth management industry in advisor satisfaction for the 15th consecutive year. In the 2021 Investment Executive Brokerage Report, advisors rated us the highest on average (and the highest in 18 of 29 categories) among bank-owned wealth management firms.


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Navigating the 2020s

How Canada can thrive in a decade of change
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Unfriendly trade winds? Putting the selloff in perspective

Markets swooned worldwide amid a reignition of U.S.-China trade tensions and a sinking Chinese yuan. While the selloff was jarring, some perspective is in order. We believe investors should maintain equity positions as the U.S. economy is not in danger of an imminent recession, but volatility could persist.


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Market Timing

It may not matter as much as you think


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Don’t be shaken by the shakeout

A number of factors reached critical mass, driving U.S. equities and other markets sharply lower. But
investors shouldn’t overreact to this overdue pullback. We don’t think there is an existential threat to the
U.S. bull market, and we look at how the Fed and bond markets fit into all of this.
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Imagine 2025

Themes, Opportunities & "The Law of Accelerating Returns"

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Crypro Currency & Blockchain Technology: A Decentralized Future - A Potential Multi-Trillion Dollar Opportunity

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Volatility is back: What the selloff means

The attached report provides historical context and discusses potential drivers of the decline. While a return to volatility was assured following a period of extreme calm in financial markets, the report concludes with an examination of equity market fundamentals.
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