Do you want a disciplined investment process?

There are over 6,000 money managers in Canada. Our team has designed a proprietary program to deliver an unbiased, disciplined investment process to each and every one of our clients.
We focus on a value investing approach. We invest in securities that appear underpriced by some form of fundamental analysis. The underlying investment strategy is a combination of Top-Down Economic Analysis and Bottom-Up Screening. We look at key Macroeconomic variables to develop Over Weight and Under Weight recommendations for each of the major sectors. We then implement a multi-disciplinary approach involving fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis.

"Richard and his team are extremely good at what they do. More importantly, they truly care about my financial wellbeing. Richard is always proactive to make sure my family is well positioned in this ever-changing financial planning and tax environment for both my business and personal details."


Yuchen Meng