Does professionally incorporating make sense for you?

When Wealthcare for Healthcare was formed, research showed that it would be financially beneficial for 8 out of 10 Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to incorporate, although, only approximately 2 out of 10 had done so. We have assisted over 3,000 HCPs with their due diligence and have helped them decide if professional incorporation makes economic sense for them and their families.
Our experience is unequivocal, incorporation is neither a panacea nor a cookie-cutter solution. Each individual’s particular situation must be taken into account, including the family situation, business structure, and personal and professional wealth and debt. A personalized, in-depth, cost-benefit analysis is required before a definitive decision can be made. For those who professionally incorporating would not make good economic sense, there are alternative strategies that should be considered. 

"What I appreciate about Richard is that he is thoughtful, creative and proactive. He has shown that he is a great communicator and can help translate financial complexities into practical decisions. And when it comes to taking action, Richard and his team are very well-coordinated and responsive to our needs. There is no question that Richard has greatly helped us with our financial decisions so that we as a family can focus on the things that matter most to us."


Dr. Kamran Khan