Do you have a holistic financial plan combining your personal & professional lives?

Over the years, we have briefed thousands of healthcare professionals on incorporation and personally consulted with many. What has become clear to us is that the overwhelming majority of HCPs do not have a formal, written financial plan that holistically integrates their personal and professional lives.
Every new client relationship begins with the creation of a formal, holistic plan. We sit down with you one-on-one to go through an in-depth discovery session to gather and clarify all the information we will need to formulate your plan. We formalize all of this information, plus other relevant personal information or wishes, into a written financial plan. We personally create each and every financial plan to ensure it is specifically tailored to each client. This plan serves as the benchmark and accountability roadmap for your financial progress and our role as your wealth management provider.

"Richard and his team have been closely involved in all of our financial needs, including setting up our individual corporations, insurance needs, investments, tax saving strategies, and estate planning. They are very professional and have always provided us with excellent customer service. We have been very satisfied with their help over the years and would strongly recommend them to other health care professionals." 


Dr. Robert Mohl