The Michael Yhip Wealth Management Group

Portfolio Management and Wealth Advisory Services

Your wealth is your legacy. We help you grow it and protect it. Our business is to help you manage it successfully.

Success is one of your hallmarks. It sets you apart in business—an instinct that has helped you create wealth for yourself and your family. But your wealth is not static. It’s a dynamic and needs effective, skilled management to optimize your present lifestyle and preserve capital for your future.

Our approach to wealth management is to bring you financial peace of mind. We want our clients to experience the feeling of having all their financial concerns handled efficiently, with care and expertise.

However you define success, my goal is to get you there.

Coming from a diverse RBC background, I have carefully assembled a team of subject-matter experts and professionals who work collaboratively to deliver the key solutions you need. My team consists of highly accredited accountants, lawyers, financial planning consultants, business owner specialists, insurance specialists, private bankers, and personal and business banking partners – each with their own distinct set of skills and experience. Together, we work in a coordinated fashion to achieve one common objective: to help you achieve success, however you define it.

Financial management for high net worth families

Wealth management for our clients is complex. It means a fully integrated, comprehensive strategy that includes:

  • A written financial plan that is realistic and defines your goals
  • Tax-efficient structuring across all your financial investments
  • Proper estate planning and insurance coverage
  • An institutional style investment portfolio that is designed for the challenges of a fluctuating financial market, managed by a highly experienced, award-winning investment manager


Michael Yhip’s merit

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. With clients, mutual trust develops from conversations we have about your dreams, ideals, and goals—and how my approach to wealth management helps you live them.

This foundation gives us a strong partnership to ensure your financial assets are well invested and protected within a holistic strategy that encompasses proper financial planning, tax and estate planning, insurance, and other services drawn from the expertise of my team, RBC Financial Group, and my wider network of associates.

The process begins with a no-obligation Client Discovery meeting. It takes about an hour, and the outcome is a clear Wealth Management Roadmap to help you reach your financial goals.

Take the first step in attaining financial peace of mind.

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Read about Michael’s background in financial management and his investment philosophy for more information about the value he brings to clients. Michael also writes entertaining, insightful blog posts about investing, business, and financial markets.